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Noah’s Ark – Second Jungian Interpretation

A continuation of the interpretation of The Flood Story.

Our Sages say that every world, letter, story, image, etc, in the Torah has 70 faces. Likes a Jewel with many sides. All of them are “true” but each glints in a different way, or reveals different layer of the beauty in the gem. (Numbers Rabbah 13:15-16) Like a fractal that opens up the deeper you look into it.

So in that theme I want to add another ‘face’ to the story of the Flood. A modern, Jungian psychological perspective that is relevant to people on the same path to Individuation, or Spiritual Enlightenment.

The same theme is taken from the earlier interpretation, however the boat and animals take on a different nature.

The Boat itself can be seen as a container, the Animals as opposite but complementary (male and female) ideas, concepts, or knowledge. The righteous people in this instance – Noah, his wife, children and their wives – are then in charge of safeguarding cultural or worldly knowledge (represented by the animals) in a container that is watched over by the Divine. So that once the waters of unconsciousness recede from the population, civilization can start anew.

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