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The Golem

Asking ChatGPT(4) to contrast the mystical idea of the Golem with the current work in AI, from a Hasidic and Jungian perspective:

Certainly, from both a Jungian and Jewish perspective, there are interesting archetypal connections between the Golem and AI.

Creation and Creator: Both the Golem and AI represent the human aspiration to create life or intelligence. In Kabbalistic tradition, the Golem is formed from clay and brought to life through mystical incantations. In technology, AI is created through complex algorithms and computations. Both represent a human desire to emulate the Divine act of creation.

Control and Rebellion: The Golem, once activated, often grows beyond the control of its creator, leading to unintended consequences. Similarly, there are concerns and ethical debates about AI’s potential to exceed human control, particularly with advanced and autonomous systems. This taps into the archetype of the creation that turns on its creator, a theme prevalent in myths and stories worldwide.

Ethical Responsibility: Both traditions emphasize the ethical responsibility of the creator. In the Chabad Hasidic community, the creation of a Golem is seen as a profound spiritual act, with serious moral implications. In the AI community, ethical considerations, such as fairness and transparency, are central to the responsible development and deployment of technology.

Soul and Consciousness: From a Jungian perspective, the Golem’s lack of soul and personal consciousness might symbolize an unconscious aspect of the human psyche. AI, similarly, operates without consciousness or soul, reflecting the mechanical and logical aspects of the human mind. The comparison might provoke a contemplation of what truly constitutes life, consciousness, and individuality.

The Shadow: In Jungian psychology, the Shadow represents the unconscious and often repressed aspects of oneself. The Golem and AI might represent the shadow of humanity’s creative power, showing both the potential for greatness and the danger of hubris. The comparison between the Golem and AI provides a rich framework for exploring human creativity, ethics, spirituality, and psychology from both a Jewish mystical and Jungian analytical perspective.


Unpacking the hype around OpenAI’s rumored new Q* model

For those of us in the computer science space, this will be huge, if AGI is close this will change society for good or ill, depending on how it’s used.

I wrote about this in my blog, a few months back, combining the religious and psychological aspect of this discovery… in many ways it could mirror the Golem story in Jewish history.

Technology and Science in the Service of G-d

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