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Noah’s Ark – Jungian Interpretation

The flood is the collective society falling into the unconscious. Being swallowed by divine/archetypical modes of thought, but through a modern lense.

The ark, animals, and Noah and his family represent those beings that either possess almost no free will (animals), beings that follow fate/determinism/logos more closely, and in so doing evolve to be higher life forms, which increases their consciousness. Up to the human species, but some people are more “conscious” (represented by Noah and his family) and transcend, or see through (though they may still fall into it from time to time) the human tendency to war amongst ourselves(archetype driven), not realizing we are one in the “boat”.

Religion itself is not so much as important as the conscious connection to the infinite (Self/Collective Unconscious), But religion does teach symbols, rituals, etc, that connect the person with the unconscious in a more meaningful way. The “Myth” Imagery, and Meaning and Feeling-tone is what is important. It fosters the “connection” that is created artificially with hallucinogenic drugs like Psilocybin/LSD/Ayahuasca.

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