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Psychological Decolonization

From a Jewish perspective this should be a serious consideration. This came to my attention from this article, and from a Jungian psychological perspective, I cannot find any fault with the criticism.

This perspective was made more practical… in this video made by the same organization:

Again, using the Jungian psychological method, this is sound.

The paragraph that makes the most sense from an analytical perspective is here:

Taking Peterson’s above observation of Jewish peoplehood a step further, we may take notice of another important distinction. While Peterson is a Christian by virtue of adopting Christian beliefs, Ben is a Jew by virtue of descending from the Biblical Hebrews – a group that has alone maintained not only the authentic traditions of its Israelite ancestors, but also the living mythological elements Peterson claims to have been lost (in his book Maps of Meaning). Nietzsche’s assertion that “God is dead” as signifying the loss of experienced intrinsic meaning only holds true collectively for those peoples and cultures who have lost contact with mythological valence.

The difference between Jewish and Christian theology is therefore not quantitative but ontological. While the latter is essentially a mythological replacement for an essence that was once upon a time experienced (“God is dead”), the former is purified mythology in the making – a living breathing nation revived on its ancestral homeland, living out its ancient prophecies and fulfilling its primordialist mission (“a living God”).

Ben Shapiro’s ‘Judeo-Christian’ Complex

The mythological valence, is what Jung called the Transcendent Function; or Active Imagination.

I think this development in my community is a great one, and I am heartened to hear, see and read that this is coming from the younger generation.

I hope, however, that they take the wisdom of our forefathers and mothers into account:

Who is Wise? One who learns from All people.

Ethics of the Fathers, Pirkei Avot 4:1 (PsalmS 119:99)

So while I pray that our people psychologically decolonize their psyche’s with all due haste, we must also keep in mind that decolonization should not also mean we discard the lessons, and experiences we learned along the way. We should safeguard (as we have in our long history) any Wisdom and Truth discovered by the Gentile Nations, and the ‘Righteous Gentiles’ that exited in these cultures. In other words – if an idea is kosher – (A truth) don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Truth, Justice and Peace are our people’s mission. And Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge our connection to the Numinous. If we are to be “A Light unto the Nations” we need to have an understanding of how the Nations think.

Language (English for instance) is itself a matrix, the start of decolonization is learning Hebrew; learning to read, and write in the Hebrew Language. Once a person start to think and dream in Hebrew, that is when the real work of paradigm shifting starts.

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