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The Four Horsemen – Three Plus One – ARCHETYPES

The White Horse – Plus one

This Archetype depicts the Trickster, both a savior and condemner, Christ, and Anti-Christ. In culture, this Archetype takes on a destructive force that spreads quickly (The burn it all down sentiment – The Joker is an excellent modern equivalent, but also Mephistopheles from Faust). But hidden in that destruction in the conquest, secret sowing of seeds for a new creation. The ashes from which new dawn rises.

The Red Horse – Division, War

This Archetype is a nation that is at war with itself. A divided house, where fellowman attacks fellowman, and tribes attack tribes. This need not be physical; wars of words, ideologies, ideas that divide all echo this Archetype.

The Black Horse – Inequality, Famine

In culture, spiritual famine, or the disconnect from the Numinous of the culture, the sustaining Myth, leads to inequality as greed quickly takes over. This Archetype represents spiritual famine and its consequences.

The Pale Horse – Death, Pestilence

The consequence of spiritual famine is spiritual death; spiritual death leads to a psychological pestilence; the psyche latches on to any numinous ideas and archetypes to its extreme and to the person’s detriment. Modern-day memetics fits this concept, ideas that latch on to “binding” spots in the mind of people void of traditional religious beliefs and images. The memetic pictures look different, befitting the person’s psychological makeup (the Big 5 Personality traits), but these people create groups sped up by telecommunications and the internet.

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