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Profane and Holy Blood of the priestly Vampire

Had an interesting dream; I was some kind of priest, or religious figure that was sent to various churches and the surrounding areas to investigate weird events that were happening there.

I found out that there were human ghosts possessing people, but was not sure how to reverse that.

One of the ghosts was a young girl with a black and white motif. Black hair, and white cloth covering her, or white hair, and black cloth covering her. (I am not sure which one, but that was the impression, white and black motif.)

I went to rest in a church provided medium sized room, but with a very tall ornate ceiling, and ornate walls, as though out of some medieval movie with a Greco-Roman “feel” to it.

The bed was made of wood, and had an old red cloth cover with some decorations on it, I want to say golden thread scrolling. It looks rather antique.

The ceiling and walls were made of white stone, or maybe painted with alabaster paint.

Looking up I noticed that crawling on the ceiling – attached to it magically, as though gravity was not acting on it – was some kind of humanoid abomination with a big, and wide tooth filled mouth. It was nude and had human looking skin with large dark veins running underneath it. I knew it to be a male Vampire of exceptional age. And though I was surprised by it, a part of me knew it was there to help me somehow.

It dropped to the floor and with supernatural speed had its jaws around my neck, on my jugular and was drinking my blood. I do not remember what happened after, but knew that it had turned me into a vampire by exchanging blood.

Because I was a priest of some kind, instead of turning into a monster, I had both qualities. My blood was both profane and holy. My personality did not change other than I now knew things about being a vampire intrinsically from drinking the blood of the vampire that turned me.

Three (Ghost) possessed people where brought to my room, they had changed radically, becoming almost animal like in their facial expressions; gnashing teeth, snapping at people, being wild in general. I knew that I could cure them by offering them my blood; due to it being a mix of profane and holy they would not resist drinking it. I knew that the ghosts would be satisfied, and free the three people.

Using my mouth I bit into my wrist, and dribbled my blood, which was a reddish brown color, into the gaping mouths of the possessed, who reminded me of baby birds begging for food from their mother, as I was dripping my blood into their gaping hungry mouths.

I remember feeling the pain of the cut, but being satisfied that this would save the people I was trying to help. I did not actually see what happened to the three, as I woke up shortly after this final act.

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