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The OA – a Muse

One of my favorite shows on the stage right now is “The OA” which stars, and is written by Brit Marling (and Zal Batmanglij).

The show is hard to describe, but science fiction mixed with spiritual themes comes close. I think Brit Marling is, as Socrates once said, inspired by the Muses (or her dreams, and imagination).

In it, Brit portrays Prairie and OA (Original Angel). She gathers to her very different people, four young men, and  one older woman. She tells them a very captivating story of her life, which borders on the fantastical.

They believe her, and in so doing create something that is both bigger than they are, and something that transcends them and their individual egos/identities.

It reminds me Plato’s Republic, and Carl Jung’s work in general. 

Plato mentioned a “Noble lie”, and Jung a Myth or “Transcendental Truth” as filling the role of mercury in a culture. They act to bind salt and sulfur together. Otherwise there is anarchy, as the two raw forces are unable to bind into a working whole.

That is also the role the OA fills (as does her alter ego Maggie, from “Sound of My Voice”) Something that the very different people can believe in, or know, or experience, that is bigger than them, bigger than their egoic identity, or selfish needs.

We are in a “Culture War 2.0” at the moment, or what some would also call it… a dance… (though at this point a dance where the couple has had a fight and are not talking to each other.)

Personally I see the optimal being more like the Tango, a dance and a war in one.

From the current looks of it, I do not see a way for us to bridge the gap between a greater and greater dividing society.  It divides amongst itself, but at the same time also creates two warring bigger tribes. One that is roughly “right” (Conservative) – The Red Pilled people and one that is roughly “left” (Liberal)  – the “Woke” people, and these two see the other as evil.

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