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Anti-semitism and the Ark of the Covenant

When Maimonides sets out the arrangement for transporting the tabernacle in his monumental code, the Mishneh Torah, he describes it as follows:

When the ark is transported from place to place, it should not be transported on an animal or on a wagon. Instead, it is a mitzvah for it to be carried on one’s shoulders. Since David forgot and had it transported on a wagon, there was an outbreak [of Divine anger] against Uzzah. Rather, it is a mitzvah to carry it on shoulders, as it states: “For the holy task is their obligation. They shall carry it on their shoulders.”


When the Ark of the Covenant was carried by the Israelites on their shoulders and considered a heavy burden, they were blessed. However, when they reached their destination and life was good, we were prone to forget the Covenant and not shoulder the obligations, which caused devastation and destruction in our civilization.

When life is hard for Jews, we pick up the Ark, because after searching for an anchor around us in society but not finding it, we go last to the place which we should have gone first; G-d. When life is easy we let it go again, because we have arrived to the stability of following the covenant, only to let it go again, and this cycle repeats.

All the hardships we face as a people throughout our history than, is a gift. G-d’s anger is a gift to get us back to where we promised we would be. The rise in antisemitism and hate around the world, towards Jews and Israel is our wakeup call to lift up the Ark again and do as we promised.

Jews are given a choice, many Jews will choose to fully assimilate into their host culture and disappear. Why? Because they did not have Jewish souls. They are what the Ari called the Erev Rav. We should not seek to label other Jews this, they will themselves filter out on their own from the Nation of Israel. But those Jews, secular or not, that have Jewish Souls, they will feel eventually develop a resistance to this pressure and push back, becoming more Jewish, in their own way.

Some become what we call the Baal Teshuva.

A Jewish Soul will feel pain for the Nation of Israel, will feel pain for the Land of Israel, and will feel pain for the Children of Israel, which are our future.

As the Maccabees did, to combat antisemitism, we ought to become more observant, do more Mitzvahs foster a connected to the land G-d has loaned to us, and physically fight only when it is to defend ourselves against their physical attacks. When someone comes to kill you, kill them first. (Sanhedrin 72a-b).

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