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False Hope without Meaning

Saw an interesting interview with Jonathan Haidt, the difference between left and right, and his hope that as people ‘mix’ the concept of us vs other – our trial nature, will be reduced.

The issue with this way of thinking, is that he dismisses how deep the tribalism is. Let’s entertain the idea that once everyone is mixed race, we will no longer be “against” one another. One, I do not see this as good thing. Creating a gray goo race, with no distinctions seems to me, to remove diversity, variability and creating a monoculture on a ‘racial’ level, in hopes to diminish our natural tribal nature. However this wishful thinking misses the mark; the issue of meaning is still missing; the religious, Jungian, and Nietzschean perspective is not being solved with this.

The issue of Nihilism is still remains, so even with his perspective, you will get ‘us’ (the theoretical race of mixed race people) now standing against ‘being’ itself which becomes the new ‘other’.

This is a problem you cannot fix with mixing race, or physical differences, or ideologies. It is a psychological/spiritual problem. This is worse than the racial othering. The racial othering can be amilarated with seeing the spark of the divine in the other person; Their G-dly nature. However the Nihilistic alienation from archetypal humanity, ‘being’, or the divine, is intractable.

That is the “root” of the issue of modernity. People like Haidt, while well meaning, underestimates the issue we face as a society.

In affect Haidt is ‘externalizing’ the process of centroversion (the propensity to wholeness/unity) in the level of the psyche, on the world. Trying to solve a spiritual problem with a materialist solution; This is doomed to fail.

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