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Even Quantum probability, Quantum Chance, and Blessing

A thought on combining quantum chance and probability with the religious concept of blessing.

In the Jewish perspective, Prophecy of Good Events or Outcomes is set in stone, Prophecy of Bad Events or Outcome can be changed, so is not set in stone.

But what of blessings? When we say G-d has blessed a nation, person or place, what exactly does that mean?

What mechanism would be used to bring about a good outcome?

One possibility, tying in the idea of the collective unconscious – a random thought, or idea that comes up in a person. Anything from a memory, to a new idea, to a sudden change of mind.

On a less human level, a shift in some physical state, where the probability would be 50/50, a blessing, in the religious contest would elevate the probable chance for the outcome to be a net benefit. An example – rain. Perhaps, the greater the blessing, the greater the “shift” in probability to the desired affect.

On a national level, when a country or nation is blessed, the collective butterfly effect of small “net good” outcomes in probable events would add up to a large result when taken as a whole.

Conversely, what is expected when a blessing is removed from a country, or when a the divine curses it instead? A roughly 50/50 (median) set of bad and good outcomes when a blessing is removed, and a greater amount of bad outcomes (on an individual level) adding up to a catastrophic outcomes when “combined” on the national level – when cursed.

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