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The Sacred Nothing

Was talking to a friend about the seeming corruption of everything in our culture which is touched by money…in my case I was talking about the oversexualization and overcommercialization of gay pride.

She said: Same shit happened to Burning Man and Paganism, like, fuck…is nothing sacred?

Once Goldman Sachs sponsor it, it’s all over.

My reply: I think you hit the nail on the head. Nothing is sacred anymore…

There is an archetypal scene that touched on this.

Two-Face and Joker. Or Hillary and Trump, who are symbolic of the two major parties in the US, and the Zeitgeist…

But also symbolic of community (left), and individuality (right). And what happens when they turn into their shadows.

Heath Ledger did a perfect Mephistopheles, right down to the tongue flick of the snake…

The left is half dead… that is it is spiritually dead (his Anima (Rachel Dawes) being killed (stolen or lost) by the Zeitgeist), and yet thinks it is sticking to some plan with values it no longer understands. Only that plan has now become a choice of a flip of a coin, or more aptly how much coin you can use to flip the so called “values” of secular society.

Mephistopheles is not about plans, he is about Chaos, Destruction, Purification, Equalization; the Kali Yuga. Which repeats in culture over and over because people are blinded by pride… “Pride goeth before a fall” as Icarus can attest.

It will be interesting watching the schemers in our culture; 2020 will be interesting (The Great Conjunction in Aquarius, plus the Presidential election), and the next 10 or 15 years more so.

When nothing is sacred, nothing itself becomes Sacred, which activates the Mephistophelian spirit in the zeitgeist, and the psyche of man.  The ego – the demiurge – becomes inflated with pride.

To me, Mephistopheles is as numinous as “God”. (the Self, or the Collective Unconscious)

I stand in awe, and fear of it, as much as I stand in awe and fear of the Self.

One is the mask of the other.

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