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Thoughts on Jungian interpretation

I do not have anyone to fire dreams back and forth from, like Freud and Jung did, and I don’t really know anyone that is into Jungian interpretation of art, or dreams.

So I have been thinking about how I can test against myself.

The first thing, I think, is I ought to continue doing what I did with the second interpretation of “Muse – The Dark Side”. That is, do the interpretation first and then verify that it fits (more or less) with the reality of what the singer thought it meant to them. The closer I get, the better I am getting at it, I would assume.

Sean also suggested I lacked gestalt… but with someone who has Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) that is going to be a problem in general, I tend to focus on detail at the exclusion of gestalt because that I “feel” instead of “know” rationally…

Internally, the whole is irrational and unconscious, externally, my rational mind then naturally focuses on the detail.

I suspect this is why this is a stereotypical autistic trait.

Maybe as I bring more into consciousness the gestalt will naturally come about?

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  1. Sean 11/12/2018

    Thanks, Conn. This is beautiful. For me it’s about the sometimes shocking apophenic observations of connection – when people magically come into my life, and the instant attraction and love that seems to flow effortlessly. It’s the casual encounters at Starbucks with a stranger asking about my day, or the spark of understanding that comes when working with one of my students or clients… I stopped questioning a long time ago.

    ~ SIO

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