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The relationship between mind and matter.

It is my belief that conciousness and quantum theory/mechanics, and the various states of matter are interrelated. There have been a large amount of studies on this, one famous one is being done by princeton:

Correlations of Random Binary Sequences with Pre-Stated Operator Intention: A Review of a 12-Year Program

There was an article on it here:

Imagine: Princeton-based organization explores relationship between mind and matter

The research is still ongoing and can be found in places like this:

The Global Consciousness Project Meaningful Correlations in Random Data

These are statistical deviations, and are not noticeable when taken by themselves, per person, per situation.  But when taken over a long period, or for more people, the deviation is interesting in that it “beats” random chance.  So there does seem to be correlation between conscious intention, and outcome, at least on on a very, very small statistically significant way.





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