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Meditation Update 3/3/16

Had an interesting experience today during meditation.

I went from equanimity to what feels like an expansion of mind, and a fading away of the body… I could not feel myself breathing which caused distress, and instinctually I had to take a breath. This caused me to go back to equanimity. I kept on it and hit this state a few more times with the same outcome…(basically yo-yoing back and forth, for about an hour)

I got a bit frustrated, and got up and took a lying posture. I continued 6R and smiling to a state where my body had what felt like energy running through it, and then all of a sudden there was a momentary loss of consciousness (I could not hear, and I do not think I was conscious for that moment but I was nominally “aware”.) I only realized that happened after I gained consciousness again because it was like a hole in a stream of consciousness. It was basically like a blip… like a line that had a sharp dip in it, and then continued back where it was.

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