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Meditation Update 2/29/16

Today, for the first time, I stopped feeling part of my body after about 9 minutes, or so. The mind became very clear, awake, I was not happy, or joyful, just seemingly peaceful and content.

I noticed that I could think, and this did not knock me out of the state I was in. So I started thinking about Dependent Origination, and had a dream like vision come up of me standing in front of an open refrigerator full of food.

And I noticed that just by looking at it, the eyes themselves had craving. Just by opening them, there is subconscious craving. And that this is true for all the other six sense bases. (though I only experienced the eyes directly). Even when we do not want anything “consciously”, subconsciously craving is always there with the six sense bases.

Not sure what Jhana this was (or if I was even in a Jhana) but it was a pretty interesting experience.

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