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Theory of Everything; Physical, Quantum and Life as the bridge

There is currently a problem in Physics; How to combine Classical Physics with Quantum Physics, into a Grand Unified Theory of Everything.

In my opinion, Hawkings, being the brightest physicist, thinks that there will not be a Theory of Everything.

Stephen Hawking says there’s no theory of everything

How do you square deterministic Classical Physics with the probabilistic Quantum Physics?

I think, the reason physicists cannot find the theory is because they ignore one thing in the universe as part of physics. Life.

This was not always so, Erwin Schrödinger wrote a book “What is Life?” that touched on DNA among other ideas. This became a taboo, but thankfully it is starting to come up again.

For instance:

Quantum biology

Quantum Tunnelling to the Origin and Evolution of Life

Quantum Criticality at the Origin of Life

Quantum cognition

You’re not irrational, you’re just quantum probabilistic: Researchers explain human decision-making with physics theory

It’s life, but not as we know it: Chatty cells found to be using ‘quantum communication’, which could reverse the ageing process

Transmission of DNA Genetic Information into Water by means of Electromagnetic Fields of Extremely-low Frequencies

DNA waves and water

Life is the bridge between Classical and Quantum Physics. Will be interesting to see if this conjecture is correct.

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