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Individualism vs Collectivism

Here is how I see it:

Individualism: Individual ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes, etc.
Hybrid Individualism: Individual ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes, Collective knowledge.
Collective: Collective Goals, Collective Ideas, Collective decision making, Collective Knowledge.

This is the current state of things. Nothing changes.

Hybrid Individualism:
The current state of things, with added access to memories/knowledge that you did not gather/learn individually. For instance, you want to play a guitar, instead of going through the learning process, which takes years, you access the communal knowledge of expert guitar players, and can play as well as they can, but still add your own twist to it

With large projects, say building the Cern’s LHC, you need subject matter experts there controlling the construction. Now imagine a collective group that sets the goal of building the LHC. Instead 500 people working on it, it is now 1000, or a larger amount. People that know nothing about the subject could join the collective, and have access to information and experience of the subject matter experts and build it very quickly. There would be no need to communicate verbally, everything is orchestrated as a single being.

All three have a place. Right now we only have the first (individualism) as an option.

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