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A Book of Life by Peter Kingsley

For people who have read other books by Peter Kingsley, this does not deviate from the style I personally find enjoyable. It circumambulates a theme(s) or topic(s) from different perspectives before, in the end, you are taken to the center of the work, or idea and theme.

This book has a few narratives, three being evident.

1) How Kingsley himself was thrust/initiated into the path of the Mystic. (The Trickster/Joker or Coyote archetype, in the Native American Tradition – which can be seen as both a Savior and a Villain, Creation, and Destruction)
2) The Mystic Path itself
3) The loss of the Mystic Path/tradition in the West

It also deals with the West’s destruction/loss/abuse of the Feminine Divine and the Darker Aspects of the Divine and our psyche. That suffering compliments or is interrelated with the rapture of the religious traditions; Fear and Awe are both parts of them.

From my perspective, Kingsley is one of the rare few (maybe only?) Westerners keeping Jung’s observations and “method” (if it can be called that) alive. But outside of that, the prophetic tradition of the Greeks.

All these narratives are intertwined like a helix. So, to understand one, the reader needs to understand the others, which are told simultaneously via the familiar circumambulatory/incantatory style that Kinglsey has mastered.

A recommended read for people interested in preserving some semblance of the West in their own psyche.

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