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Brit Marling: A Muse Touched Artist

I know I’ve written about Brit Marling before, but saw this video of her this week, and it just brought up the same feelings I have had of her, and listening/watching to any content she puts out.

There are a rare few artists in any given time, that are, what Socrates would call being in touch with the Muses… that is their art, and imaginative process come from the collective unconscious.

A lot of artists can mine the collective unconscious for flakes of gold, but some people are able to bring up nuggets of gold; Brit is such a person.

Marie-Louise von Franz speaks of people that are naturally “Jungian”, Brit would fit that description.

If I had the money, I would give her a blank check to create anything that she can imagine. She is a true visionary.

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