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Meditation Images

Set of three Dream Images.

The Spoon

The first was on a void that I felt was a feminine being handing me a silver spoon. She/it was holding the spoon part which was obscured by the void (in fact the image was half and half, half void (or black) and half light, which is where I was standing. Her half was the spoon part, which I could not see. My half was the handle of the spoon, which had three stars or star like flower blooms in vines stamped into it.

The Door

A nondescript wall which had a double glass door.  Hanging by the door was a small black ball on my side. Through the door, that I could see through, was a black nothingness. It was divided by a handle and door frame, and behind it was a bigger white glowing ball which was illuminating the darkness. The black ball was on the left hand side, and lower then the bright white ball, which was more in the center of the door.

The Well

I was in a desert, and in front of me was an old style water pump, and behind it an old stone round well, with a bucket sitting on the left hand wall of the well.

Mother, Father and Son (10/08/18)

An image, painting really, of a feminine devine on the left, the masculine divine on the right, embracing a dead son (I keep wanting to write sun).  The divine entities were weeping, the son was bleeding from various parts of his body. Visually, it was a painting that seemed like it was done by da Vinci, or another renaissance artist, of the Virgin Mary, a personified God Image (old bearded man) and a dead Jesus being embraced by both while they wept.  The context of the dream was that Jesus was himself Christianity, and that it was dead. While the feminine and masculin divinity wept.

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