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Meditation Update 4/4/16

Had an interesting experience today during meditation.

I have been meditating for 1 hour and 30 minutes for the past month or so. Only the last 15 min I get a somewhat uncomfortable kink in my back, probably from sitting wrong, or slumping forward as I get deeper. (I will need to work on that).

For the last 15 minutes I usually lay down in bed and finish there, and then continue longer for another 25+ minutes.

I did the same thing today, only after laying down, I had my first Astral Projection experience. I was getting very deep, in between consciousness and unconsciousness, and could feel my body doing this weird vibration thing that would arise then go away, come up and go away, like I was getting plugged into an outlet, and then disconnected, a switching being flipped on and off. I figured out that I could control this, so I made the vibrations come and get stronger.

As I did this, my “black” field of view (of my eyes being closed) shifted to me being in my old house in Chicago. I knew I was meditating, but I could also control myself in this new surrounding. It was in black and white, but as I focused on the vibrations to make them go deeper, it turned into color.

I could walk around the home, either by actually moving my legs, or willing myself to move toward a certain direction. I essentially floated forward, or up and down.

I went outside, there was a thunderstorm, and the rain felt really refreshing as opposed to cold/wet. For some reason my mind shifted back to my body that was in bed, and I instantly snapped back into my body in bed.

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